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Timothy L. Smith, PARTNER & ATTORNEY
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Timothy Smith is an Alabama man, through and through. Growing up about 30 minutes outside of Huntsville, Tim is well versed in local and state laws. From a young age he excelled in the classroom, soon thereafter making his way to the courtroom. Mr. Smith has been representing the people of Huntsville and the surrounding Alabama areas for over two decades and takes great pride in the level of his representation. If you need an Alabama injury or wrongful death attorney, contact our office today.

highland park il family law attorney

Kendra was born and raised in Tuscaloosa. In high school she was a standout volleyball player, eventually going on to attend Tennessee State University. Upon returning to her home state of Alabama, Kendra has been handling many injury related cases across the state. She excels in courtroom litigation and has a fantastic trial record.

Earning her clients the maximum compensation available to them is what makes Kendra tick. Even when she is not at the office, she is often found working on projects directly related to her clients and cases. This is what has earned her such a stellar record and reputation in the Alabama courts.

If you're interested in a free case evaluation, contact our offices today.

highland park il family law attorney

There is no doubt that Dean was born to help others. After spending the majority of his twenties serving others in third world areas such as Uganda and remote villages in the Congo, Dean has returned to his home country, but he hasn't stopped serving others. With an unstoppable passion for justice, Dean is an excellent paralegal who we are honored to have on our team.

Often times you'll hear Dean's voice if you call in for an initial consultation. He is patient and understanding, and will review your case in detail with no judgement, before bringing it to our legal expert attorneys for a follow up discovery. Reach out to us today if you're in Alabama and have an injury related case on your hands.

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